June 30, 2017

Donetsk National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University


Kirovograd Donetsk National Medical University or kirovohrad Medical Institute (abbreviated as DonNMU or DNMU) is one of the largest medical university of the former USSR. The University is considered as one of the best medical schools in Ukraine. University is relocated in Kirovograd city now from Donetsk due to the war in Donbass.


Kirovohrad Medical Institute Or  Kirovograd Donetsk National Medical University was established in 1930 as the M. Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute. In 1994 it was given the status of University and in 2007 it gained the status of National Medical University (DonNMU).

kirovohrad Donetsk National Medical University was recognized the best medical university in Ukraine in 2011. DonNMU was first among Ukrainian medical universities constantly since 2001 till 2011 according to the rating of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of Ukraine. However, in the latest national university rankings (Top 200 in Ukraine, years 2013 and 2014), DonNMU was ranked as the second best medical university, and was the 23rd best university overall in Ukraine.When also other rankings (i.e. Scopus citations and Webometrics) were included, DonNMU kept its status as the best medical university in Ukraine also in 2014.

Due to the quality of training and comparatively low tuition fees DonNMU is an attractive Ukrainian Medical Universities for foreigners. Donetsk National Medical University is listed in the medical directories of the World Health Organization (WHO) and I-Med Schools.

Internationally, Donetsk National Medical University is ranked 3003 out of 11,000 universities in the world according to the 4icu Ranking and 2021 on the Webtronics world ranking.


Approximately 5000 students study at the eight faculties of Donetsk National Medical University. They come from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Peru, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Lebanon and other countries.

So far, the university has granted 45,000 degrees, to doctors, well-known scientists, researchers, health care providers from Ukraine, Russia, other ex-soviet republics and 89 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.

At the M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University there are eight faculties including a preparatory faculty for foreign students. The Donetsk National Medical University trains specialists along the following education or qualification levels as junior specialists, specialists, or Masters for the following specialties:

  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Post-Graduate Education
  • Preparatory Department

Donetsk National Medical University provides training in English, Russian and in Ukrainian languages in all faculties.

According to the Ukrainian Health Ministry Order N°148 of March 22, 2004 DonNMU has been appointed as regional centre of Bologna process managing in Ukraine. In 2005/06 academic year, DonNMU started teaching its students in accordance with the Bologna Agreement on specialists training using the credit-modular system makes it possible to obtain the European Diploma at the end of the study. Students of Donetsk National Medical University can make transfers of their credits to any other European medical university any time after completing their first year of education at DonNMU. Transfer to other European universities are made under Bologna process. M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University has signed for cooperation and for students transfer with almost 160 different Universities of the different countries among them are the universities of CIS, Europe, Canada, USA and with some Arabic countries.

The students of DonNMU get their professional training at 26 specialized bases (including Donetsk multi-field medical and preventive organizations and research institutes) and 28 highly equipped clinical bases (including main hospitals of Donetsk) under the supervision of highly qualified specialists.

Donetsk National Medical University provides its students with accommodation and study facilities. The students’ campus has 13 study buildings equipped with 37 computer classes and libraries, 9 hostels with reading halls and sports rooms, health center for preventive care, stadium, sports and health service complexes, summer camping at the Seversky Donets river.

At present the total teaching staff at Donetsk National Medical University is 1147. Among them are 150 professors and 243 Associate Professors, academic title of doctors and candidate of medical sciences are respectively 117 and 449 people. The Donetsk National Medical University is a member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and two corresponding members of AMS of Ukraine, 4 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, 18 distinguished scientists and engineers, 8 distinguished doctors, 2 Honored worker of Education of Ukraine, 37 full members of international and departmental academies science, and 1 Hero of Ukraine.