June 30, 2017

European Teaching University

European Teaching University

European Teaching University in Georgia is focused on training using the European model. The quality of education and international exposure makes it one of the best medical schools in Georgia. Many students from India and other countries are already studying in the university.

European University was founded in 1995. Teaching institution focused on using the European model, competitive, international labor market relevant to the students’ education.

European University is staffed by qualified, experienced academic staff and invited specialists, who were trained by the leading European universities, which contributes to international experience and quality, innovation-based learning. 

Sruliadaa facility focused on students, which, together with the high-quality education, university grants and study abroad.

European University is equipped with modern technological base, a variety of library, its own television programs and the necessary equipment, which creates all the conditions for quality education.

Foreign students studying at the facility, including the Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and etc. The University provides a special service for the agency, which helps foreign students with accommodation, food and security related issues.

Facility implements accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in the following areas:

  • Medicine
  • law
  • Business Administration
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Information Technology

Europe University has educational buildings in Tbilisi and Lagodekhi.



  • 100% English Medium (Not even a single lecture in non-English)
  • MCI NEXT exam training
  • High-Quality Education at Affordable Fees
  • Approved by MCI & Listed in WHO directory
  • Covered under Bologna Process
  • Follows ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
  • Located in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia
  • Indian food, cooked by Indian cooks

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