June 30, 2017

North occetian state university

North Ossetian State Medical Academy

North Ossetia State Medical Academy is the center of higher medical and pharmaceutical education in Vladikavkaz region of North Ossetia. Every year North Ossetian State Medical Academy trains more than 3000 students. North Ossetia State Medical Academy was established in 1939 in the Vladikavkaz city  (formerly known Ordzhonikidze) as North Ossetia Medical Institute. In 1942 the medical institute was moved to Yerevan city due to World War II and in 1943 the institute was transferred  back to Vladikavkaz. In 1974 North Ossetia Medical Institute opened the faculty of pediatrics. 1988 North Ossetia Medical Institute introduced the faculty of advance medicine. In 1993 North Ossetia Medical Institute organized the dental faculty. In 1995  North Ossetia Medical Institute received the status of medical academy. Over the past decade North Ossetia State Medical Academy staff has received more than 66 patents, registered more than 100 innovations and published 3220 scientific papers. Today North Ossetia State Medical Academy has 7 faculties, 39 departments with 470 doctors and professors, private clinics, Central Research Laboratory, psychological and educational services, centers of practical training and testing, a modern library with electronic reading room and 21 computer classes. Till now 14300 students has been trained in North Ossetia State Medical Academy.


The University comprises 18 faculties, 54 departments and 6 RESEARCH CENTER: (SIC ethnocultural and ethnosocial problems; SIC ecology and tourism; SIC socioeconomic studies; SIC innovation; R & D Center of solar energy; SIC Fine Organic Synthesis), Center shared “Physics and technology of nanostructures,” research and education center of natural Sciences, research and innovation center “Pharmacy”, a laboratory of innovation and educational technology, research and teaching laboratories , A scientific library, publishing and printing complex, 3 museums, arboretum, dormitories for students and trainees, etc.

The university has about 5900 people. Training is carried out on 29 areas of undergraduate, 19 graduate areas, 4 majors.

In December 2011, North Ossetian State University was one of the winners of the strategic development program conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. University implements a wide range of activities and projects aimed at the development of human resources, logistical and infrastructural base for the improvement and modernization of educational, scientific and innovative activities.