Orenburg State Medical Universitywas founded in 1955. It is located inOrenburgcity which is 1,478 kilometers (918 mi) southeast of Moscow, very close to the border with Kazakhstan. These days 555 members of scientific and staff work in the University.

Orenburg State Medical University

The medical faculty ofOrenburg State Medical Universityis considered as the best among any other medical universities in Russia. The faculty prepares the students in the field of ‘General Medicine’ and nearly two hundred newly trained specialists pass out from this university every year who serve the patients throughout the country and in other parts of world. The students get to learn nearly 54 subjects during training program. There are nearly 47 departments and around 300 professors and associate professors and doctors. The students are taught everything right from the basics of human body to the entire functioning of the body. The students are given hands on training in the hospital campus itself regarding treatment of patients. Research work is included in the syllabus of every student to enhance the learning skills during MBBS in Russia program.


Orenburg State Medical University

There are more than 18 clinical bases aimed at training of students in Orenburg:

1• Orenburg regional clinical hospital no 2

2• Municipal city clinical hospital number 1

3• Municipal city clinical hospital named after Pirogov N.I.

4• Orenburg regional clinical hospital no. 1.

5• Municipal city clinical hospital number 2.

6• Railway clinical hospital of Orenburg station.

7• Polyclinic of municipal city clinical hospital number 5.


• Faculty of General Medicine

• Faculty of Pediatrics

• Faculty ofDentistry

• Department of preventive care

• Pharmaceutical Department

• Department of Clinical Psychology

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